Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

To get started contact us to setup your account. We will help you with the entire process from site design, importing product and getting your store up and running.

Do you provide FTP access?

No, we don't provide FTP access to our servers. FTP isn't a secure way of connecting to an e-commerce application. But, we do provide the ability to upload files securely to the server, and modify the pages, content and templates through your browser.

Can I install Sapphire Commerce on my own server?

No. We use to deploy e-commerce applications on 3rd party web servers. This appears to be cost effect at first, but as the years go by and the server, application and code age, it requires maintenance and updates and new features. Adding new features, security patches, maintaining application, server and code security over time is less cost effective than paying a flat monthly fee.

Now we can keep your application update date, secure and loaded with the latest features. As we maintain the code and servers we can do this cost effectively.

Is technical support extra?

No. It's included. Your monthly fee covers the software license, hosting, and technical support. We do charge for designer and programmer time, should we make design changes for you. You will have the ability to make design changes though your admin control panel as often as you like, at no additional charge.

Are subcategories supported?

Yes. We have designed the software to have unlimited levels of categories. Although we don't usually recommend more than 2 or 3 levels deep for most stores, it's not a technical limitation. Through the admin interface categories and subcategories and sub-subcategories may be added very easily. Additionally, product may be added to multiple categories throughout the category tree.

Does Sapphire Commerce support product colors and sizes?

Yes. We support multiple option groups simultaneously for the same product. For example, a product may have a color, size and style, each of these may be added quickly and easily. All the combinations of these can easily be generated and managed in the administrative control panel. For example, if there are 3 sizes, 3 colors and 3 styles, a single click of a button will generate all 27 possible combinations.

If you have inventory control enabled, the software will even track inventory on each iteration of the options. For example if you have 20 Large Blue Shirts, that inventory will be tracked correctly for color and size.

What kind of stores will Sapphire Commerce work for?

Sapphire Commerce is suitable for all types of online stores for physical products to clothes with multiple options. The software supports custom fields for item that may need additional specific data. Additionally, we support digital products that may be purchase for download, like music, e-books or software. We even support multiple audio clips and audio clip playlists on products it's also suitable for selling audio products like music CD's, mp3's or audio books.

Can the store owner manage the products via a web control panel?

Yes. All the product may be added through the control panel. Each product support unlimited multiple images, which are automatically sized to fit the design. Inventory may be controlled and orders processed.